Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday of the First Week of Advent

Isaiah 2:1-4
Psalm 122
Matthew 8:5-13

REFLECTION: “Reaching Out With Joy”
As we enter into the Advent season, we are often sensitive to the fact that many people do not share our belief in Christ Jesus. The words on their lips are similar to ours - joy, hope, peace - but their worldviews are very different from ours when it comes to understanding the source of those great and precious gifts.

Though our worldviews may differ, God still wishes to reach out and touch the lives of those whose hearts have turned from the Good News, as well as the lives of those who have never heard the genuine Gospel of Christ Jesus preached. He desires to bring people from every corner of the earth, from every walk of life, into his house to worship eternally, and to walk in his paths.

It therefore becomes incumbent upon us at all times to reach out with joy to those who are unbelievers - for whatever reason. Perhaps they find a belief in God to be beyond their ability to rationalize, perhaps they feel no need for a divine connection, and perhaps there are other factors at play... but we, the people marked by Christ Jesus' name, are the ones who bear within ourselves the precious gift of love that has been poured out upon all of humanity.

If we are to go rejoicing into the Lord's house, let us do so with humility, recognizing our place in God's creation, while, at the same time, reaching out with in ways that are both exuberant and appropriate to touch the hearts and souls of those who, today, have not known Jesus as he has revealed himself in Scripture and the Breaking of the Bread.

During this Advent season, how will I reach out to others with the love of God in Christ?