Sunday, November 30, 2014

The First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 63:16 - 64:8
Psalm 80
1 Corinthians 1:4-9
Mark 13:31-37

REFLECTION: “Kindle the Flame”
A campfire must be kindled continually to give heat. Once someone stops placing fresh wood on the fire, its moments are numbered, and it will eventually go out.

It is this way with the spiritual gifts that sustain us as we await the day of Jesus’ return.

During these next few weeks the focus of many will be on shopping, and selecting the present to bring a glowing smile to recipient on Christmas Day. Expressing our love with gifts is fine, but do we take the same care to prepare our hearts daily for Christ’s presence as we do for this once a year celebration?

In order to ensure that we are faithfully following Jesus, we need to be certain to kindle the fire of faith, hope, and love within us daily; not just once a year, a Christmas time.

We are called to learn about this in the Parable that Jesus shares in our Gospel reading today. The servants and gatekeeper of the master are given the information they need to conduct their labors and are given the directions on how to wait for his return. Jesus has done this for us as well.

He has, as St. Paul says in our epistle, given us every spiritual gift we need as we eagerly await for the return of Jesus.

Have you kindled your gifts today?