The journey of membership within the Primitive Catholic Community begins with an understanding of what it means to be a consecrated religious in the context of our particular community. Individuals who seek to become vowed members of the Community are individuals who, along their spiritual journey, are seeking a deeper connection to ancient Christian faith and practice, who desire a richer and deeper prayer life, and are seeking reconciliation and renewal for themselves and all those whom they encounter. Their commitment to the Community is a reflection of the work of the Spirit in their lives, and an active, daily reaffirmation of the reality of our Baptism.

The Primitive Catholic Community admits men and women to Candidacy for Consecrated Life if they believe that membership within the community is God's way of helping them to explore their call to a closer relationship with Christ. They desire to do this by sharing their life with this community and by living within the context of our Rule and Customary.

Applicants for Candidacy must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a baptized, chrismated Christian.
  • Be aged at least twenty-one years.
  • Not be under vows to any other religious order or community.
  • Have the support of their spouse (if married).
  • Complete three months of initial discernment with the Vocations Director and other members of the Community.
Individuals whose requests for Candidacy are accepted must, before beginning their period as Postulants:
  • Submit to a background check at the candidate's expense.
  • Submit certification of good standing with a local faith community if not seeking to form a community under the auspices of the Community. 
The candidate's journey in the Community continues with their admission to the Novitiate. This step is intended to be a time of formation and personal growth as one seeks to determine if making vows within the Community is the right choice for them and their faith-walk. The Novitiate runs, at minimum, a year; and should never run more than three years. During this time, the Novice should attend annual retreats, and participate in other mutual enrichment activities offered within the Community. One will also be in frequent communication throughout their Novitiate with the Vocations Director, Spiritual Director, and Administrator of the Community.

The next step in the journey is professing Annual Vows, in which one makes a commitment to keeping the Rule of the Community faithfully for a period of one year. Annual Vows are renewed for a minimum of three years before the member is eligible to petition to take Solemn Vows.

Solemn Vows may be professed after a minimum of four years within the Community. Profession of these vows signifies a firm commitment to following the Rule of the Community. This stage of commitment must only be taken with the utmost seriousness, and after much reflection, prayer, and fasting.

Novices may leave the community at any time, with the prayer and blessing of the community. Those in who have professed either Annual or Solemn Vows will only do so with the same care and attention with which they made their profession.