Within the Primitive Catholic Community, we recognize that there will be those who also feel a calling to serve God through diaconal ministry and the priesthood. For some, this calling will be met through their membership in a denominational structure beyond the Community. For those who consider the Community to be their sole spiritual home, provision is made for individuals to study for ordination, to to be received as clergy.
  • The Diaconate consists of the ministries of Deacon and Deaconess.
  • The Priesthood consists of the ministries of Presbyters and Bishops.
Training for ordination within the Community is modeled on the "bishop's schools" which existed before the development of the university system. Before the development of what we today call seminaries, the Bishops and their senior clergy trained others for ecclesiastical ministry in the environment in which they would one day serve.

While this process takes into account previous formation and studies, one can generally expect to spend between two and three years preparing for ordination to the diaconate, and an additional one to two years preparing for presbyteral ministry (if one feels so called).

Members and Oblates who are clergy in their own tradition may, if they are already ordained in apostolic succession, seek license to function within the Community with the consent of their bishop. Clergy who are considering affiliating solely with the Community, may request to transfer their orders upon the receipt of letters dimissory from their current bishop. 

Within our Community, in keeping with Biblical and early Christian norms, priestly ministry is exercised by men who serve as spiritual fathers within the religious community, as well as in the local ministerial framework. Our diaconal ministry, composed as it is of two separate but interrelated orders, welcomes women to serve as deaconesses.