The Rule

In the Primitive Catholic Community, we seek to live our lives in conformity with our Rule of Common Life, which, while simple, is intended to challenge us to develop a deeper, more vital relationship with God, and with others.

Each member of the Primitive Catholic Community shall:
  1. Seek to grow in fidelity to the faith revealed in Sacred Scripture.
  2. Seek to conform themselves ever more fully to the image and likeness of Christ Jesus. 
  3. Seek to live a life of balance and harmony, faithfully balancing prayer, family, work, and other commitments.
  4. Seek to serve others who find themselves on the margins of society.
  5. Seek to foster a sense of fellowship and unity among their fellow Community members.
Each member of the Primitive Catholic Community lives out the rule by pledging:
  • To receive Sacred Scripture as the inspired, infallible Word of God.
  • To believe and profess, without reservation, the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds as witnesses to Scriptural truth.
  • To proclaim and practice, in ministry and in personal living, a commitment to a godly lifestyle.
  • To set aside time daily for prayer and meditation.
  • To actively seek opportunities for ministry in settings which are found to be neglected in our area.
  • To receive the Holy Eucharist frequently, especially upon the Lord's Day and the Great Feasts of the Church.
  • To gather for retreats and remain in close contact with other Community members on a regular basis.