Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Today the Primitive Catholic Community commemorates the life and witness of Hilary, bishop of Poitiers, who is accounted as a confessor, and a Doctor of the Church.

Born in the year 315, Hilary of Poitiers lived and ministered during the midst of the Arian controversy. Hilary was exiled from his bishopric at Poitiers by the emperor because of his staunch opposition to the Arian teaching that Jesus Christ was not equally God, together with the Father and the Spirit. His exile, which began in 357, lasted three years, during which time he wrote several essays, including “On the Trinity”. Finally the Emperor was forced to send him back to Gaul because he was causing such difficulties for the Arians in the East. After a life of faithful service in defense of the orthodox Christian faith, Hilary died in the year 367.